Make Your Website Highly-Visible Through White Hat SEO

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Published on: August 13, 2013

Let’s get straight to the point: if you want to attain success in the online world and you want your website to be one of those most visited in the search engines, you have to consider using various SEO techniques. Among the most widely-used techniques nowadays is the ever popular White Hat SEO. It sounds cool, isn’t it? This employs various strategies that are indeed healthy and search-engine friendly for websites.

The embedded approaches in it are highly effective. As a matter of fact, many website owners are grateful for its availability because they attain the rank of their website that they want. The tactics used in it are indeed approved by Google.

You are definitely familiar with keyword usage, right? This SEO technique actually belongs to it. Keyword Usage maybe considered as an old-fashioned technique, but we can never deny the fact that many website owners benefit from it. Those who think that they don’t need keyword usage are hypocrites. Over the years Keyword Usage has managed to establish superb credibility among website developers. To properly use keywords, they must be seen on the titles, posts, as well as image tags. Every successful business started with excellent keywords.

Nowadays, there are several website owners who are engaged with Guest Blogging, which is actually one of the best SEO techniques. This tactic is about connecting to another blogger, which has same niche as yours, and asking him to make a guest post. Through Guest Blogging, you can promote your point of view very well.

Blog Commenting is also one magnificent technique attached to it. Many web enthusiasts are hooked with it. You can abuse it, but make sure that you’ll do it in the right way. Therefore, read and comprehend the content first, before making comments and leaving links.

An excellent tip in Blog Commenting, if you want to be considered highly relevant in the World Wide Web, make sure to target top-notch blogs, be up-to-date on new posts or blogs, most of all, provide comments that are well-thought. There are a lot of cases wherein even though the keyword-enriched anchor text is not included in the link, high website traffic can still be achieved.

If you want Google and other search engines to honor your content, you should take advantage of Interior links. Interior links also aid in disseminating link juice in your website.

The above-stated techniques are widely applied. Be aware that the internet has an evolutionary path. Perhaps tomorrow, these techniques may evolve into other new techniques. The point is, before change takes place, you have to apply the techniques at present for your business to become profitable like what the others do.

Factors To Consider When Hiring A Link Building Service Provider

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Published on: August 6, 2013

How to hire the best Link Building Service Provider? Well, this is a frequently asked question among business entrepreneurs that wish to enhance their online marketing strategy. Link building is very dynamic and very important in SEO hence it is advisable to ensure that you consider a number of factors so as to achieve the expected results. Web site and blogs that incorporate quality link building strategies usually rank high on various search engines as compared to their counterparts. Let us look at surefire tips on how to choose a Link Building Service Provider.

Professionalism: The best link builder is professional and diligent. They are committed to ensuring that clients get value for their money. Hence, it is wise to choose a service provider in this niche who has a positive reputation for being professional so as to avoid any inconveniences later. The best have a reliable customer care service that is always ready to respond to any questions that you may have regarding this service. Despite the fact that their services are top quality, their charges are quite affordable considering the long term benefits that will be derived from the service. Take advantage of any discounts or coupons offered to reduce your total expenditure even further.

Reputation: Of course, the best link builder service provider or company has a positive reputation in the market due to their continued commitment and loyalty to their customers. Be sure to choose a company that has a clean track record for providing high quality link building services to their clients. In addition, they should have several promising connections that they can use to popularize your business and ensure that it ranks high on various search engines and article directories. Berth from choosing a link builder who has more than two negative reviews so as to avoid losing money on dubious deals.

Experience: SEO’s who have been providing this service for a long time are more experienced and knowledgeable. They are aware of various link building strategies and keen to implement new updates in their services. Their references, that is, clients that have in the past sort their services can help you gauge their experience and quality of their services. An experienced SEO can also help you network with other entrepreneurs and this will in turn grow you’re your business to the next level of success. Finally, a background research on the selected link builder can also provide you with crucial information that you can use to make an informed decision.

Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

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Published on: July 23, 2013

It feels good to be writing for EzineArticles again. Haven’t done so as I was still busy with my music career. Since I’m back to being a full time blogger and internet marketer I would like to share a few easy to implement tips to promote your blog. The 1st thing you’ll need is good content on your blog.

Give the visitor something of value so that they can share it online. This will help spread the word. Now let’s look at some easy ways to promote your blog to get more loyal readers, increase profits and build an email list.

Submit Your Blog To Directories

The good thing about blog directories is that you find a lot of likeminded people and bloggers and that will help you get more readers and subscribers. Instead of going to Google to find top blogs you go to these directories and see what’s hot and follow the hot stories, comment and be part of the community.

You’ll also be getting backlinks and the traffic is good because it’s targeted. Here’s are the 3 top blog directories:

- Blog Catalog

- Blogarama

- Best of the Web Blog Search

These ones are very selective with who to add on their directory so you’ll find good people who know what their doing there. If your blog doesn’t get accepted just know it doesn’t have good content.

Get Your Content Featured On Top Blogs

Guest blogging is another great strategy. If you know something, a strategy or trick that a lot of people don’t know about in your niche. Or have an advance techique to use a specific software. Then you can approach a blog owner (who gets a lot of traffic) and give them a short 500 word article talking about the trick.

Just as long as the article has an “Ahh Haa Monment” and the blog owner thinks it will be valuable to he’s subscribers then he’ll post it on his blog and you’ll get a good backlink and a lot of visitors to your blog.

Analyze Your Competition

Use websites and tools such as Alexa, Quantcast and SEMrush to analyze your competitors. See where their biggest visitors are coming from and see if you can get traffic from the same source. See the demographics of their visitors, their age, education level, do they have kids etc.

Once you have all this info it will be easy to set up the blog properly, you’ll know what language to use and no need to worry about how to promote your blog because you already know where the big blogs are getting the traffic so you just go there and get it.

There’s a lot of ways to promote your blog or site, these are just a few I like sharing because when applied correctly you’ll start seeing good traffic in just a few weeks. You can also use social media networks, bookmarking sites, press releases, blog commenting, PPV, solo ads and a whole lot other techniques.

But my advise to you would be to find one strategy that you’ll be comfortable with and use that only, don’t jump from one technique to the other. Use one and master it, they all work you just need a way to model it and make it work well for you. When you say you’ve mastered a technique it should make you at least $1k per month then you can say you’ve mastered it.

That’s it for now I’m looking forward to post more articles here so you’ll be seeing more of me here very soon. Peace!!

Stay In Control of the Jungle by Understanding Panda and Penguin

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Published on: July 15, 2013

Keeping your website at the top of the list of search engine results is imperative to helping it survive. Unless you already have a strong customer base that can sustain you, gaining new customers is essential to keeping you out of the red. Many companies have used SEO services in order to increase their search engine rankings. In the time since this technique was developed, Google has worked to ensure that quality sites retain the highest ratings by marking spam and low quality sites. The first update that Google used to keep this high standard was known as Panda.

How Panda Works

The Panda update specifically targeted sites that were of lower quality and were not offering any value to search engine users. Content farms were the sites that were hit the hardest by this update. In the past, publishers would submit the same article to several different farms to get extra links. The Panda update enabled Google to go through the site and if enough the pages were marked as low quality, the entire site would take a hit.

Panda is run at Google’s discretion. If you work to improve your site, you may not immediately see the rewards until Google runs the filter again. The following tips can help you to ensure that your site is always of the highest quality and avoid being hit with this update.

  • Avoid articles that are shallow
  • Don’t post articles that include redundant information and statements
  • Watch for spelling or factual errors in the content
  • Use well edited articles
  • Only use sites that you would bookmark or recommend to a friend

By working hard to only post high quality content that is well written and well researched on your site, you can avoid being hard hit by the Panda update.

How Penguin Works

Google developed this update in order to address the problem of keyword stuffing. Google has recently worked to crack down especially hard on link spam, and Penguin was developed as a way to do this. Avoid buying links from low quality sites or sites that have the same anchor text. These things will get you flagged by Penguin quickly and hurt your rankings in the search engine results.

We discovered that Penguin is likely targeting the following areas hardest.

  • Sites with the same anchor text
  • Aggressive linking
  • Exact match domain overuse
  • Blog spam
  • Article marketing that is low quality

Updating Your Site Effectively

The most important thing you can do to increase traffic to your website is to only use high quality content on your website that is optimized for search engines. If your company is buried on page five of the search results, you will be hard pressed to come up with new customers. I believe that investing in content that is well written, well researched and well put together can mean the difference between a flailing small business and a thriving one. The more money and time you invest into your website, the more likely your business is to succeed. Avoid being hard hit by Panda and Penguin updates by creating solid content and links that will bring customers to your site. Update old pages and create new ones that will draw the interest of search engine users.

Many companies have used SEO services in order to increase their search engine rankings. In the time since this technique was developed, Google has worked to ensure that quality sites retain the highest ratings by marking spam and low quality sites. The first update that Google used to keep this high standard was known as Panda.

Get More Traffic To Your Blog With Online Article Writing

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Published on: July 7, 2013

When you are starting an online business, it is important to get more traffic to your blog so that your content is viewed by as many prospects as possible. The way you can do this is by creating content on your topic that you can share all over the internet where your target audience are likely to find it. When they do, they will engage with it, and be directed back to your blog as a result. One of the first methods you can use to create content as a new internet entrepreneur is through online article writing.

The way it works is that you submit an article you have written to one of the article directory sites. Once it’s approved they will publish it on their site where any visitors may see it when they search for your keyword phrase. At the end of your article you can add a resource box in which you entice the reader to click a link that leads them back to your blog.

As you can see online article writing can get more traffic to your blog but also has additional benefits to you as a new online entrepreneur. Writing articles online like this can also increase your credibility and visibility so that your niche community’s perception of you is raised. When you are able to do that you can become an authority over time, and that in turn leads to increased trust.

Writing has never been my strong point but since getting started online, I have had to write something every day. Over time, it has improved. I am now in the habit of writing daily and so it is considerably easier than when I first started. As the internet runs on words, I know that being able to writing articles online is a skill that I must develop if I am to become more successful.

When you write articles online, you do not have to create a writing masterpiece but rather share some information that your online business prospects will appreciate as giving them value. If you share your information in this way, they are encouraged to click through to your site to get further details and help. I suppose you could call it serving them an appetizer that will encourage them to go to your site for the main meal.

As you can see, online article writing is a method you can use as a new internet entrepreneur, to get more traffic to your blog and to improve your visibility and credibility.

Essential Tips on Web Hosting

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Published on: June 23, 2013

Recommended Tips:

Adopt a yearly plan: If you are able to find a good service provider, it is always wise to get into a yearly plan. There is no host up fee charged for new web hosting with a yearly plan. There are many online hosting providers that offer cheap yearly plans.

Ensure bandwidth and shared server space: You can rely on internet reviews to find out the accurate bandwidth and server area specific to your needs. If you require very less space, then a free website hosting service is the right choice for you. However, if you want a large business website, then you require more bandwidth and space. Therefore, a paid web-hosting provider maybe a better choice to opt for.

Check the web hosting service company agreements: The agreement will list the legal parameters that are necessarily included in a web hosting contract. You can also ensure that the company is an authorized one by checking on reviews and site agreements. Hosting plans on affordable terms and monthly fees can also be negotiated upon once you are familiar with the workings of a particular company.

Ensure a protected support domain: Most of the web hosting companies offer technically stable support as well as services on a 24 x 7 basis. Reliance on the internet is growing day by day with the advance of technology and ease of accessibility. You can gain more traffic to your site by utilizing top notch popular domains such A majority of website hosting providers issue free top class domains to their customers with a yearly plan.

Know recent software upgrades: Many of the web hosting firms launch new versions to attract more and more customers and traffic. Ensure that the providers are offering advanced versions such as or Win 2.0. You can verify the technical ability and knowledge of the web providers by checking on the software package they offer.

All these simple tips can definitely help you in finding the best website hosting service provider for your website. With proper evaluation and knowledge on web hosting and your requirements, you can easily achieve your business goals without wasting a lot of time and effort.

Despite the fact that there are numerous web hosting companies around the globe, you can still get the best hosting company if you consider all the above tips carefully.

Also make sure that you choose to consider hosting companies that manage their own servers.

The Perfect Ingredients of Quality Web Design

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Published on: June 15, 2013

Amazing websites are only considered as such because careful thought and planning has gone into the web design. When we as consumers come across great web design we don’t tend to consciously notice, however when a website is not great, consumers can tell straight away, usually because they become quickly frustrated by the inability to find what they are looking for.

Great web design has to achieve the following:

1) Amazing websites tell the user what the purpose of the website is. There’s nothing more annoying than landing on a web page and trying to ascertain if this website is what you were looking for.

2) Amazing websites have good design. Design isn’t just about it looking good. The design can help the consumer navigate visually around a page and find pertinent information easily by how it is visually laid out.

3) Amazing websites have great content. Good web design can’t just be about looking good. If the content on your website is below par you will quickly lose consumers to another site. Make sure what you are telling them is relevant.

4) Amazing websites have great navigation – The user journey should be intuitive. From the home page it should be easy for a consumer to navigate the site, find the content they want and understand the offering. Imagine if you have a great site, it tells you all about the product you want to buy, directs you to telephone to place your order, but the telephone contact details are nowhere to be found. Frustrating web design with poor navigation is likely to lose you a customer at that point.

5) Amazing websites are easily accessible – Web design has to work across all platforms. Some websites are created for Internet Explorer and when viewed on a tablet or smart phone or through a different browser they appear incorrectly.

Great web design is an art, it is also vital to the success of your business. You have one opportunity to impress your potential consumer, it would be a sad to lose them because of poor web design. By employing web experts to create your site you can guarantee that your website will be described as an ‘amazing website’. Amazing websites get traffic, they get recommendations, they build trust in your brand and make you profitable. Invest in your website and you invest in the long-term success of your business it is a formula that is guaranteed to work.

9 Major Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

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Published on: June 8, 2013

WordPress managed hosting is a favorite option for many webmasters online for good reason. Its robust features and ever-growing community, make it a first choice among many users.

1) Site Speed

The first thing that is notable for many WordPress users is the speed at which the websites or blogs load. Site loading times have a direct correlation with the rate of conversions of new visitors, with statistics indicating that slow websites lose out on clients who would have bought their products or services if the site was faster. Managed WordPress hosting usually has fewer sites allowing sites to load very fast.

To keep the website, managed WordPress services use content delivery networks. The speed a website takes to load is important because it directly influences the search engine rankings and also the customer satisfaction and retention. Content delivery networks have a superior way of ensuring that content loads fast despite the location it is accessed from by use of state-of-the art cache methods. With shorter loading times, web content usually sees a higher rate of conversions, increase in return user traffic, better word of mouth for your brand. Content delivery networks are also built to scale and to handle sophisticated cyber-attacks.

2) Automatic updates

The WordPress platform automatically updates client installations whenever there is a new version of the software. This means users don’t need to update their WordPress core and its themes and plugins, as these are done automatically on the platform.

3) Superb security

Managed WordPress hosting services are secure, because the platform is maintained by professionals with an intricate understanding of creating and managing the firewalls on the platform and more. Managed WordPress hosting provides a robust service that prevents the website from coming under the attack of malware, allowing the site to operate continually so that it is always accessible to users.

Web platform that are easily infected with malware also affect client machines, spreading the malware when users visit. As a result of the malware, sites are also soon affected in their ranking because crawlers also detect the virus and either lower the web rankings or delist the website.

4) Superior Technical Support

Providers of managed WordPress hosting ensure that their clients receive superior round the clock technical support to ensure that issues are resolved faster. Since the technical team focuses on managed WordPress hosting alone, it is possible to benefit from the wealth of knowledge to run a great web solution.

5) Good Uptime

Managed WordPress hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime with no unscheduled downtimes. The flexibility in scaling allows users to benefit from unlimited storage space even when the storage resources run low at peak times.

6) Backup when it counts

Even when something unfortunate happens to your website, a robust backup service through the managed WordPress hosting services is bound to restore your system to working order. With high redundancy policies and great data recovery even after major unforeseen outages, this solution is among the best in the industry.

Managed web hosting provides nightly WordPress backup to prevent the loss of web content. With an increasingly dynamic internet where hactivists and new malware attacks are common, this is a welcome relief for many. This means that you don’t have to worry about having your own data backup regularly or about the technical requirements to run one regularly.

7) Scalability

For famous websites, traffic spikes are a common occurrence. However, recently, spikes in traffic have also been seen after a malware attack. Either way, managed WordPress hosting services on the cloud adapt to abrupt traffic changes keeping the web resources accessible to clients.

8) Time Saving

Deployment time for managed WordPress services is a few minutes, a drastic departure from set up times as high as a couple of days. This allows project teams to spend a short time in their development and setup of web based projects and systems. The hosting provider takes care of the physical infrastructure, and any required compatible software solutions so that the user can just plug and play. Cloud based solution providers also handle on demand pre-installed themes or plugins.

9) Reduced overheads

Managed WordPress services are paid for based on use preventing the tying up of resources in unused serves, data storage and networking hardware devices. Additionally, IT staff can be reassigned to other roles leading to lower costs.

Managed WordPress hosting prepares a business to handle large scale traffic. As a result it is used by many businesses looking to optimize their online presence over a large network of users online. Managed WordPress hosting allows businesses to outsource resource intensive tasks including performance management, server and network traffic monitoring and optimization.

Various providers offer the managed WordPress hosting service and businesses should compare web hosting offers in the market before making a choice.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Web Hosting Service

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Published on: May 31, 2013

To succeed in your business, a professional web hosting service is the best choice. The hosting packages used by the popular online marketing business owners claim that their success truly depends on these services. Web hosting helps you to develop your own virtual identity through the publicity of your business. Business owners get to save money as well as time with the easy techniques of advertising made possible with the help of a hosting company.

The features offered by these services provide a professional touch to your business website. Website hosting helps to offer proper information about your business and the products included in your business. Customers are also able to obtain accurate information on the type of business and product they are looking for through efficiently maintained and operated websites made possible through the various applications used by web hosting industry.

The simplified form of web design is considered as the main benefit, as it makes every transaction easy without making things seem complicated to both the website owner and the end user. The mercantile accounts, specially designed by web site hosting services, help the customers in comparing the product selected with different sites and to purchase the item through easy and safe payment techniques.

These service assists the site owners to control the whole range of tasks involved in the business such as the advertising, purchasing, selling and other financial transactions. Owners are able to constantly monitor their websites and make changes according to changing trends. Webmasters can also install timely updates to increment the business and attract new customers.

The most important benefit of website hosting is that, your business information is available 24 x 7 on the internet. Website owners need not necessarily worry about break downs in service because professional web hosting services offer a number of back up web servers and highly qualified technical support teams to maintain and run the service.

If you need to give your business the edge over others, then get yourself a virtual address and enlist the help of a professionally managed web hosting service. Utilize all the benefits that a web hosting service provides and give your business a boost in a relatively short period of time. You need not worry about the security of personal information and money transactions carried out on your website either, as the web hosting service works on advanced encoding packages to ensure totally secure transactions. The only thing you need to verify is that the website hosting service provider you hire is a recognized and experienced one.

Secrets To Building Quality Inbound Links

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Published on: May 23, 2013

The landscape of SEO is constantly changing and this happens each time Google makes an update. Most bloggers and site owners cannot keep abreast with what is happening in this area. Characteristic remains constant, however quality inbound links will help improve the ranking in the search engines and boost traffic.

In the current era, the development of links is still an evolving form art. It focuses less on the amount of links created focuses on the quality of created natural links.

The ultimate goal of Google is to rank websites based solely on its analysis of the weight of information presented and their relevance. Because of this policy, manipulators of links hardly get a long standing ranking on the organic listings and get slapped all the time.

For those who get into white hat SEO, they are more obsessed into writing quality content rather than link building in bulk. Quality content will act as bait for links, allowing them to attract organic links to their website. Other people also link to the content and share them via social media platforms thus generating lots of quality links.

The use of social networks to broaden your client base and interact more closely with your customers is an appropriate way to measure the quality and relevance content. Now, Google considers your involvement in social networks as the additional points for your company. Once your content is created, be sure to promote it in social networks so that it has maximum exposure and you can maximize its chances of attracting quality links.

Google will consider as an alarm signal any keyword in anchor text that is over-optimized. For this reason, you should avoid using a keyword or key phrase too often. You should see to it that you are able to monitor the number of times you use anchor text for your links.

The fact that a website gets quality link is very important. Google’s algorithm is so complex that there is so much debate whether it is content that is king or it is back link. But I won’t say it is content or back link that is more needed because I believe there should be balance between the two. This same balance should be incorporated in all website optimization techniques that you want to employ on your site so that positive effects will be seen in the coming updates.

Google is constantly updating its algorithms and seeks better ways to remove poor quality content. Because of the updates, there is no hard and fast rule at the moment of how link building should be undertaken. High quality content, however, will always attract natural links. And with this, you obviously need to promote the content and start taking efforts to attract attention as soon as it is published.

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